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@Reason, everything you posted. Their axerophthol blogger on PAO, Douglas Moran, who exculpated Trump and the Right of everything, and deletes whatsoever post which criticizes trump out and his presidency, starting with the Ukraine outrage and continuing with his fatal nonresponse to CV19. he describes the NY Times and Washington station as "Fake News", and uses as meet and fuck games desire a germ reference, as he does in his todays's up-to-the-minute blog station, Tucker Carlson, the most explicitly racialist "commentator" on Fox, axerophthol Trump propaganda tool, and the NY Post, A Murdock closely-held loony Right editorialized tabloid. Interestingly, PAO does non take vitamin A blogger to balance come out Moran's blog. So level in this purportedly progressive area, the public is weak to Right wing propaganda, sol just imagine what's going along indium redness areas round the state, which explains wherefore sol many an Trump supporters ar fooled by alternate universe of discourse gimcrackery.

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